WONJIN Aesthetics Centre Sdn Bhd


Who Are We?

Wonjin Aesthetics Centre Sdn Bhd (WAC) was formed with the aim to provide a platform for Malaysians to have an access to reliable and safe South Korean Cosmetic Surgery. WAC¹s believes highly in the quality, reliablity and level of professional service provided by South Korean Doctors and has identified one of the best and largest private cosmetic clinics there.

WAC is the official exclusive partner of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group (WBMG) in South Korea. We are WBMG¹s local respresentative here in Malaysia. All Malaysian customers and potential customers¹ information needs will be cared for by WAC. WAC is the official point of contact between the Malaysian market and WBMG.

WAC also acts as the main communication channel or source of information for WBMG¹s services when it comes to inquiries from the media or the press. All advertising, marketing and public relations matters for WBMG are also taken care of by WAC. WAC represents WBMG in every aspect safe from the actual cosmetic surgery and post care given by WBMG.

Services Offered

At Wonjin Aesthetics Centre Sdn Bhd, we take care of our clients from the minute they step into our centre to the time all their post-surgery care has been completed.

To ensure a peace of mind for all our clients, we provide all travelling arrangements as well as a few touristy services.

Our Services can be divided into services in Malaysia and services in South Korea :

Surgery Registration 100%
Surgery Arrangement 100%
Post Surgery Care 100%
Hospitality 100%

Services in Malaysia:

  1. Registering and collecting customers information from both consultation and traveling aspect
  2. Arrange consultation appointments from Malaysian customers with Korean Consulatants and Doctors in Sourth Korea
  3. Flight Booking to and from KL to Seoul
  4. Accomodations Booking in Seoul
  5. Arrange appointments for Surgery and follow up visits when required.

Services in South Korea:

  1. Airport Transfers
  2. WBMG Guide (Our local WAC staff follows clients to South Korea to be the liason between them and WBMG)
  3. Shopping Excursions (before or after surgery)
  4. Tour Excursions to the Sights and Sounds of South Korea
  5. Advisory on other related traveling or accomodation within South Korea