Story Of Loo Yen Sent – Give me a face that i can show the world 车祸毁容 赴韩圆梦


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在去年發生車禍而毀容的檳城女子呂艷碹,在母親黃春華陪同下於日前(2014年6月5日)抵韓國完成首階段的整容手術。這項手術長達6小時,包括鼻子再造、臉部皮膚移植和植眉手術,希望可以讓這名孝順女孩在刀鋒下換顏,重拾全新的人生。   Give me a face that i can show the world

The Heat Newsaweekly Legal clerk Loo Yen Sent doesn’t have a face that she dares to show the world as 70% of it has been disfigured; so she hides behind a mask. Although the 22-year-old Penang lass wasn’t a stunning beauty before an accident robbed her of her looks, she could have caught the eyes of suitors. Today, all she manages to draw are stares of amazement and bewildered looks. Her life was turned upside down on Jan 14 last year when she was run over by a four-wheel drive (4WD) while riding a motorcycle. She was pinned under the vehicle in an accident during rush hour on one of the island’s busy streets. Although her life was spared, her face was horribly disfigured and she lost eight teeth besides sustaining injuries on her torso, hands and legs that left her with ghastly scars. After the crash, she had to use cotton balls to keep her nostrils open to help her breathe. “Wearing a mask all the time is uncomfortable. I hope I can have a normal face, so that I don’t have to hide. I can stay strong, but I still need to wear a mask when I go out and this makes me feel self-conscious. When people look at me, I feel uneasy and readjust my mask,” Loo says. The accident robbed her of her looks, self-esteem, confidence and chance of a normal life, but not her courage and determination to regain some semblance of normalcy. Thanks to some Good Samaritans, she is now in Seoul, the plastic surgery capital of the east, to try to regain a face that she can bravely show to the world. Loo, accompanied by her 42-year-old mother Wong Choon Hua, arrived in the South Korean capital on June 5 for a series of reconstructive surgeries which took place the following day. The six-hour operations included nose reconstruction, skin grafting and eyebrow transplantation procedures. After going under the knife, Loo appeared weak and lethargic. She vomited frequently when the side effects of anaesthesia kicked in. She is now breathing through her mouth as she is recovering from nose surgery.


Loo Yen Sent   (3rd Surgery Trip 20th Sept 2015 – 6th October 2015


Day 1  (Sunday 20th Sept 2015)

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Depart to Seoul, Korea




Day 2  (Monday 21st Sept 2015)


Waiting for my treatment at Wonjin Bio Health Care skin clinic


Check up with doctor at Wonjin Dermatology Clinic


getting my treatment done



Day 3  (Tuesday 22nd Sept 2015)


Getting my scar laser treatment


Lunch at Bibigo Restaurant. Healthy Bibimbap rice with lots of vegetables



Day 4  (Wednesday 23rd Sept 2015)


Check up with Dr Park Won Jin. Doctor said my nostril on the left side is lower than right side. So I would   need a simple surgery on my left nostril to make it looks more symmetry.

Photo shoot for before my nose surgery.


Shopping at Dongdaemun


There are so many choices of delicious Korean food… emm… what should I choose?



Day 5  (Thursday 24th Sept 2015)


Photo shoot for before surgery & interviewed by Korea Media


Surgery day. Getting ready for my nose surgery



Day 6  (Friday 25th Sept 2015)


Today is a resting day at hotel.

My ‘Tonkatsu Bontoshirak’ lunch box. Looks yummy, isn’t?



Day 7  (Saturday 26th Sept 2015)


Although I am resting at hotel but I still have too many variety of food.

Rice, noodle, pan cake… which one should I eat first? Haha



Day 8  (Sunday 27th Sept 2015)


Today is ‘Chuseok’ day (Korean Thanksgiving Day) in Korea. The popular Korean traditional food that people eat during Chuseok is Songpyeon and Hangwa.

(Songpyeon (송편) is one of the quintessential dishes for Chuseok. This rice cake is prepared with rice powder that is kneaded into a size that is a little smaller than a golf ball, and then filled with sesame seed, beans, red beans, chestnuts, or other nutritious ingredients.)


Hangwa () is a general term for Korean traditional confectionery. Common ingredients in hangwa are grain flour, honey, yeot, sugar, fruit or edible root



Day 9  (Monday 28h Sept 2015)


Feel much better today. Wonjin Malaysia consultant took me out to Bukchon Hanok Village today.


We had Dakhanmari Chicken soup as dinner. This restaurant is located in Ehwa Woman University Subway station, come out from exit 2 and walk about 10 minutes



Day 10  (Tuesday 29h Sept 2015)


Light walking around will help for faster recovery. So Wonjin Malaysia consultant brought me to Mapo Bridge and Yeouinaru for evening walk. It was so relaxing when watching and listening performance on the street on a nice windy weather.



Day 11  (Wednesday 30h Sept 2015)


Getting my dressing and skin treatment at Wonjin


The nurse and translator are so friendly


After my treatment, I had a healthy Bibimbap rice with lots of vegetables at Bibigo Hot Stone Restaurant



Day 12  (Thursday 1st Oct 2015)


I am back here at Wonjin for my nose’s stitches removal


Check-up with doctor after surgery


Stitches removal. The nurse is so gentle when removing stitches



Day 13  (Friday 2nd Oct 2015)


Having Kalguksu noodles at Myeongdong



Day 14  (Saturday 3rd Oct 2015)

5 6

I went to watch Korea International Fireworks at Yeouido. The whole show was great and it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes. The place was crowded with so many people and it was so hard to get into the subway on our way back.

7 8 9

10 11 12

My first time outdoor picnic at night while watching fireworks. The weather was so nice and cooling



Day 15  (Sunday 4th Oct 2015)

13 14

15 16

17 18

Anyone who love Hello Kitty must visit the Hello Kitty Cafe at Hongdae (Hongik University)


Wow ! There is another Hello Kitty Cafe branch in Myeongdong



Day 16  (Monday 5th Oct 2015)


At Wonjin – waiting for my turn to remove the balance stitches


removing stitches


Check-up with doctor again after stitches removal

23 24 25 26 Photo shoot – after nose surgery. Now my nostrils is more symmetry



Day 17  (Tuesday 6th Oct 2015)


Home sweet home