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Nose Tip Correction

Here is information about nose tip correction

Nose Tip Correction

  • Duration: 20~30 min.
  • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: N/A
  • Stitch Removal: 1 week after
  • Clinic Visit: 2~3 times
  • Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity after stitch removal

Before & After

What is Nose tip surgery?

Also called tip rhinoplasty, this nose job deals with unsatisfactory nose tips. The nose tip shape can make or break surgery results and satisfaction. WONJIN understands the difficulties of surgery about nose jobs and has plenty of experience.

Appropriate for those who

  1. Dissatisfied with current nose tip.
  2. After surgery the nose tip appears sunken.
  3. After surgery wish to change the shape of the nose tip.

WONJIN’s nose tip surgery method

Nose tip rhinoplasty can change depending on an individual’s nose tip. In case of an ideal nose tip, the surgery method can change as follows.


1. Nose tip requiring little correction

This method takes spread apart cartilage and ties it together.


2. Nose tip that requires raising

In case the nostril cartilage width pulled together is not enough, using your own cartilage and similar materials to make the ideal nose tip. WONJIN uses cartilage from the ear to create a more natural nose tip.


3. Nose tip that requires strengthening

A common procedure to handle an upturned nose involves placing additional cartilage above the nose tip cartilage to raise it.