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Two Jaw Surgery

Here is information about two jaw surgery

Two Jaw Surgery

  • Duration: App. 4 hours
  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
  • Fasting: From 8 hours before the surgery
  • Stitch Removal: 2 weeks after
  • Hospitalization: 3 days
  • Recommended Staying Period in Korea: Min. 4 weeks
  • Mani & Pedicure: Must be removed
  • Compression Bandage: Recommended to wear all times for first 3 days, then put on only at home or while sleeping for another 1-2 weeks

Before & AfterMore On Two Jaw Surgery

What is total maxillofacial (two jaw) surgery?

Usually someone with an advanced jaw line has their cheekbone protrude as well. In this case, normal square jaw or cheekbone reduction surgery alone is not enough to provide slimming effects. WONJIN’s total maxillofacial or face contour surgery not only deals with slimming the face contouring but creates slender jaw line reduction and a youthful appearance.

The Effect of Two Jaw Surgery


Two Jaw Key Scenario

After accurate data is collected through consultation from a maxillofacial surgeon, surgery is performed in sterilized surgery rooms with the safest precautions. A two jaw care unit is also available to aid in postoperation care.

  • Before Surgery

    • 3D CT
    • ST model creation
  • Personalized consultation
    Surgical analysis

    • InVivoDental
    • Simulation program
    • Mounting & Wafer
  • Safe Surgery  

    • 24 hour anesthesia expert in residence
    • Sterilized surgery room
    • Two Jaw Care Unit
  • Individual swelling care

    • Clean care system – Superior swelling reduction medicine administration
    • Nutrition shot injection
    • Oxygen chamber
    • HealLite treatment

Two Jaw Surgery: Two Jaw Surgery Real Story

  • Two Jaw Surgery story
  • It’s finally the day of surgery! This is the day I have been waiting for but why am I so anxious.. I couldn’t sleep well last night and here I am getting ready for surgery.. I heard that the surgery room is kept cool for sanitary purposes. I tried to keep my cool, but I was actually really anxious and began to shiver! The helpful nurse kindly covered me with a blanket. The anesthesiologist told me everything would be fine..and that’s when I fell asleep.. I slept soundly and when the nurse woke me up I was very surprised.. I had difficulty breathing through my nose and my face was wrapped in bandages. I smiled and asked the nurse how my surgery went. She told me it must have gone well because I was the first person she saw that could smile right after surgery.. I was in the recovery room for 4 hours and then transferred to my room. The nurses carefully explained to me what I am supposed to do. I was dizzy and tired all day.
    Yahoo! I finally get my forehead bandage removed today! While mouth washing this morning I noticed …..

Korean Best Two Jaw Surgery Real Story Before and After

Two Jaw Surgery

If you have jaw and mandible problems such as long face, jutting chin, and other facial asymmetries; our maxillofacial or jaw surgery corrects both upper and lower jaws. In addition to improving jaw functions, Two Jaw surgery (maxillofacial surgery) also improves overall facial appearance. Specifically, this procedure can brighten your appearance while bringing a youthful effect to your face.

Two jaw surgery is strongly recommended for those with:

  • Case of lengthy front chin
  • Case of jutting chin
  • Case of flat face (face with lack of volume)
  • Case of protruding mouth (bimaxillary prognathism)
  • Case of short chin / retreated chin / receding chin
  • Case of wide face
  • Case of intensive smile line
  • Case of asymmetrical face
  • Dissatisfied with previous maxillofacial jaw surgery result
  • Dissatisfied with current shape/contour of face


Two Jaw surgery cases

Jutting Chin

A protruding jaw or protruding mouth that makes the face look relatively longer.


Long Face

An out of proportion facial length.


Asymmetry of the face

A face that is unbalanced due to asymmetrically developed facial bone among other causes.


Protruding mouth

A protruding mouth in relation to the teeth and gum line.



A method of Two Jaw surgery, IVRO vertically fractures the back part of the jaw mandible. It avoids using plate or wire fixation to enable natural functioning of the jaw after the procedure, minimizing inconvenience of the patient. Also, by controlling the incision-line on the lower jaw it brings out effect of slimming facial contour.



A method of Two Jaw surgery, SSRO in which the lower jaw mandible is fractured near the molar; fracture into two plates and then fixate. This method is known for its short recovery period, because wide contact surface of the bone helps the bones to heal together faster, and postoperative mouth-fixation period is rather short.


Two Jaw Surgery Process

Classification Complete Fixation Method Self Fixation Method No Fixation Method
Fixation between the jaw (maxilla) Fixate jaws (between maxilla) : Tie upper teeth and the lower teeth together Partially fixate using rubber band : Freely fixate and unfix No jaw fixation (between maxilla)
Respiration Rely on breathing through nose Possible to breathe through both nose and mouth Possible to breathe through both nose and mouth
Only 10% of average respiration is available
Food Use of straw, in between the teeth Possible to open mouth to eat Possible to open mouth to eat
Return to everyday activity Communication is inconvenient, not able to return to everyday activity in short period of time freely communicate, able to return to everyday activity in short period of time freely communicate, able to return to everyday activity in short period of time
Available for Possible to apply for all two jaw surgery cases Possible to apply for all two jaw surgery cases May not be possible to apply for some two jaw surgery cases

Temporomandibular Joint

Requisite check for functional improvement 
Two jaw surgery and the temporomandibular joint

At WONJIN Dental, we examine the temporomandibular joint before surgery. We take the utmost precautions to prevent any temporomandibular problems after surgery, and are fully prepared for full scale treatment.

The temporomandibular joint check must be checked before two jaw surgery!
The temporomandibular joint is among the joints that perform the most movements within the body. Due to the importance of this joint, a thorough examination to determine the status of the joint is required before two jaw surgery. If surgery is performed without examination, there can be problems that arise including: difficulty in speech, eating, and other activities that involve opening the mouth.

WONJIN’s before/after two jaw surgery temporomandibular joint management program

01. Pre surgery exam

Through a pre surgery exam, the temporomandibular joint is checked to see if two jaw surgery can be performed. Furthermore, after surgery a 3D CT and X ray are taken to determine if any problems have arised.


02. Pre surgery Temporomandibular joint treatment

If problems are found while examining the temporomandibular joint, careful analysis is determined if two jaw surgery can improve the joint problems. If not, treatment is administered to the temporomandibular joint and then it is determined if surgery is a viable option. We strive to accurately determine and provide the most satisfactory results.


03. After two jaw surgery, temporomandibular joint management

Sometimes after two jaw surgery, temporomandibular joint symptoms can arise. These are usually not serious and can be dealt through our special treatment to improve jaw functions. Furthermore, after two jaw surgery, the jaw bite and placement may not have completely settled in place. This can cause pain and discomfort. Here at WONJIN Dental, we can take care of any discomforts after two jaw surgery. Although uncomfortable, complications can arise after any major surgery and we will do our utmost to prevent these from happening. Our treatment system is fully equipped to take care of any and all temporomandibular joint problems in a quick and timely manner.


Jaw arthritis prevention/treatment after two jaw surgery

Facial Pain Analysis Exam
WONJIN’s Jaw Arthritis PT
Diagnosis & Treatment

Protocol Educatio


Medicinal Treatment


Fixed solution treatment US(Ultrasound)




Physical Therapy, LLLT(laser)


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation TENS(low frequency stimulating treatment)

Temporomandibular joint is part of two jaw surgery but WONJIN Dental Hospital takes care of this. You can get more information about the dental clinic here.


A dental correction specialist explains the condition of the teeth, face, diagnostic results, and treatment plan.


Orthodontic Braces / Periodical Treatments

Based on the treatment plan, the braces will be positioned in 2~3 treatment sessions. After the first session, the treatment interval should be 3~4 weeks apart.


Finish Corrective Orthodontics /Braces Removal/ Position Fixed Retainers

After finishing the session, the dental braces will be removed and the original state of the teeth will be compared to prevent distorting, and depending on the treatment plan, the retainers should be worn 3 months to 1 year.


WONJIN’s Fixed Retainers

Customized for every patient

Removable retainer

Hawley type


Wrap-around type

Fixed retainer
Clear retainer

Postoperative Treatment Schedule for Two-Jaw Surgery

1 day after the surgery

  • HospitalizationWearing hemo vac. (blood pocket)
  • Due to swelling, scars, and blood pocket, consuming food is inconvenient; patient is recommended to eat thin rice gruel and/or drink juice.
  • Continuous ice pack massage is required

2 days after the surgery

  • Hospitalization
  • Hemo vac. (blood pocket) removal: examine of surgical scars and teeth condition by oral surgeon
  • Recommended to take light nutrition such as thin rice gruel, soup, and/or drink juice.
  • Continuous ice pack massaging is required

3 days after the surgery

  • 3 days after the surgery
  • No orthodontic appliance required. Required to wear wafer
  • Due to no fixation between jaws (maxilla), liquid diet is possible.
  • Recommended to start wearing compressive band
  • After being discharged, until stitch removal, frequent gargling of the mouth is required (ONLY gargling is allowed)
  • When provided mouth-wash is used up, get general mouth wash such as LISTERINE® from pharmacy.

4 days after the surgery

  • Swelling of the surgical area is maximized, and requires continuous massaging with ice Pack.
  • Due to imbalanced taking of nutrition, physical exhaustion may Occur.

5~7 days after the surgery

  • Alter to hot pack massage
  • May stop wearing compressive band
    (recommended to put it on at home or while asleep for another week or two, even up to third week)
  • Able to eat soup, yogurt or drink smoothies. To avoid physical exhaustion, taking vitamins and nourishment is required.
  • To reduce swelling, light exercise and taking a walk is recommended.
  • Getting a massage/face massage is prohibited for a month.
  • Gently washing the face is possible, but be careful not to apply pressure while washing.
  • Washing hair or taking a shower is possible.
  • While washing hair, DO NOT put your head downwards. If possible, ask for help while washing.



2 weeks after the surgery

  • May take soft food or food that is chopped into small pieces.
  • Swelling will gradually subside; major swelling may disappear within a month.
  • Brushing teeth is available: gently brush with kids’ toothbrush to avoid harming surgical area.

4 weeks after the surgery

  • Screw removal of lower jaw.
  • Fixated rubber-band removal.
  • Possible to chew mild food.

5 weeks after the surgery

  • Swimming or going to sauna is allowed, but special caution is required.

6 weeks after the surgery

  • Upper jaw screw removal and wafer removal. Begin braces treatment.
  • Drinking carbonated drinks (soda), coffee, alcohol, and smoking is allowed.

2 months after the surgery

  • Able to eat apple, pear, and soft foods such as chicken breast.
  • 2~3 months after the surgery, minor/mild swelling of facial muscles may disappear; may begin to see appearance of facial contour.

3 months after the surgery

  • Able to chew/eat hard food such as meat and peanuts.

Two Jaw Care Unit

WONJIN’s differentiated Swelling Care System

Regulating the bodily balance to the best condition aids in effective wound healing, inflammation reduction, increasing immunity, and swelling reduction.


WONJIN’s differentiated Swelling Care System

Regulating the bodily balance to the best condition aids in effective wound healing, inflammation reduction, increasing immunity, and swelling reduction.


Superior swelling reduction medicine administration
Aids in removal of cells that hinder swelling recovery therefore speeding up the recovery process


Nutrition shot injection
Natural fruit extract is injected to aid swelling care.


Improve the immune system with Oxygen chamber
A customized pure oxygen capsule aids in swelling recovery and scar prevention.


Quicker recovery with HealLite treatment
Therapy for pain, inflammation, and swelling reduction, while speeding up the recovery of damaged tissues.

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