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Two Jaw Specialized System

Here is information about two specialized system

Your safety is our No.1 priority.

Our ‘Safety System’ ensures the safest and
the most dependable Two Jaw Surgery,

using the most technologically advanced diagnostic devices, 1:1 individualized pain management by our anesthetists, and our exclusive ICU wards for comprehensive after care treatments. Two Jaw Surgery is not only performed for aesthetic pleasures, but to improve the quality of our patients’ lives by improving the functionality of the jaw. Reshape your jawline and reshape your life with Wonjin’s exclusive Two Jaw Surgery.


Completion of baby face, Golden Ratio


The key point of beautiful face is the balance!

  • 1. It is important to find the face balance for individuals during Facial Contouring Surgery.
  • 2. Golden Ratio makes attractive face
  • 3. Consider the overall balance, not only specific part of the face.

Two Jaw Surgery 4D Precise Diagnostic System

Is shaving the bone only important procedure in Two Jaw Surgery?
“Ergonomically Diagnosed”

4D Precise Diagnostic System

Precise simulation to predict the after surgery result including the every detail in face bone and soft tissue structure through 4D Precise Diagnostic System.

It is important to leave the tissues untouched when shaving the bone in
Two Jaw Surgery. Wonjin’s 4D Precise Diagnostic System allows analyzing the location of not only the face bone but also the invisible nerves, tissues, muscles, and fat to minimize the error to less than 1 mm.

Safety Euquipment

  • 3D CT
    There are only two devices in Korea and it is the most advanced 3D CT machine which can accurately identify the non-visible thickness of jaw, the slope, and location of the nerve.

  • ST Model (Simulation Two Jaw)
    4D diagnosis of jaw joint structure, teeth condition, and face frame close to real condition for accurate diagnosis.

  • Invivodental
    It is a device that accurately predicts the location and form of nerves, as well as the thickness and density of the jaw bone.

  • Simulation Operation Prediction Program (SOPP)
    Measured by changes in facial bones and soft tissue to analyze the changes in the occlusion and facial surgery from various angles.

WONJIN’s Exclusive ‘Swelling Care System’

Wonjin is equipped with various medical device and has many years of skill to control inflammation infection, swelling, immune system, and recovery.

WONJIN Dental Clinic – Two jaw Care Unit T.C.U

– 24 hour Responsible Anesthesiologist in residence
– 24 Hour Medical expert Supervision
– Heal Lite swelling care begins upon admittance
– Postoperative analysis system and treatment

WONJIN’s differentiated Swelling Care System

Regulating the bodily balance to the best condition aids in effective wound healing, inflammation reduction, increasing immunity, and swelling reduction.

‘Superior swelling reduction medicine administration’

Aids in removal of cells that hinder swelling recovery, therefore speeding up the recovery process.

‘Nutrition shot injection’

Natural fruit extract is injected to aid swelling care.

‘Improve the immune system with Oxygen chamber’

A customized pure oxygen capsule aids in swelling recovery and scar prevention.

‘Quicker recovery with HealLite treatment’

Therapy for pain, inflammation, and swelling reduction, while speeding up the recovery of damaged tissues.


Two Jaw Surgery Precautions

Before the surgery

  • -Stop taking the medicines that disturb hemorrhage control (birth control pills, hormone drugs, vitamin E, and aspirin) at least 2 weeks before the surgery.
    Notify the consultant and the surgeon if you are under treatment of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and thyroids.
  • -Stop smoking cigarettes at least 3 days before the surgery and notify the consultant and the surgeon if you have cold to check your respiratory system.
  • -Taking shower with mild type soap on the day of surgery is recommended and remove contact lenses, jewelry, accessories, nail polish, and make-up before coming to the clinic.
  • -Do not eat or drink (including candy, gum, and water) 8 hours before the surgery.
  • -Prepare comfortable clothes (hoodie or button down shirt), mask, scarf, cap, and sunglasses. It is hard to drive after the surgery, so please come with the guardian.

After the surgery

  • -Avoid salty food to prevent swelling. Liquid food for 3 days after the surgery is highly recommended. And also, avoid eating hard food during the recovery period.
  • -Apply a compressive band on face for 3-4 days and avoid sleeping on the side or face down. To reduce pain and swelling, sleep with 2-3 pillow on the back.
  • -To prevent infection inside the mouth, keep the mouth clean with gargle after every meal.
  • -Be careful from any strong impact during the recovery period.
  • -Drinking alcohol and smoking is prohibited for 4 weeks after the surgery.

※ General complications such as bleeding and infection may occur depending on the patient’s condition.

Double Jaw Surgery Story