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Paranasal Augmentation

Here is information about paranasal augmentation

Paranasal Augmentation

  • Duration: App. 30 min.
  • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: N/A
  • Stitch Removal: 5 days after
  • Clinic Visit: 2-3 times
  • Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity 1 week after

Before & After

What is Wonjin’s Paranasal Augmentation?

It is a surgical method to give an overall rejuvenation effect on your face with various methods in case of sunken mid face and upper jaw or excessive smile line. This is widely known as ‘Pyriform Surgery’ which gives baby face effect with smoother impression by giving a volume on smile line.

Recommended for those who

  1. Have sunken smile line beside the nostrils.
  2. Have protruded mouth due to dented area around the nose
  3. Have relatively protruded mouth due to wrinkles around mouth and smile line
  4. Look old due to deep smile line

Why would you choose Wonjin’s Paranasal Augmentation?

Get rid of smile line for the baby face effect

Fixation on three parts makes implant immovable!

Most Pyriform Surgery only fixates both sides which may make the implant to move upward. However, Wonjin drastically reduced the possibility of implant movement by fixating on three parts.
In addition, irritation and side effects are very rare since the implant insertion area is incised without touching the nerve line.

One on one custom made implant!

Wonjin considers each individual’s face bone structure and the amount of muscle to accurately measure the soft tissue to make 1:1 customized implant for more natural shape.

Improve smile line and protruded mouth at the same time!

Deep smile line makes mouth look more protruded and by giving enough volume to the area around the nose, smile line and protruded mouth can be improved at the same time.

Reduce face size and baby face effect at the same time!

Deep smile line with sunken area around the nose makes a person look older with saggy cheek. Pyriform Surgery lifts up the saggy skin and gives volume which reduces the face size and gives baby face effect at the same time.

Type of Paranasal Augmentation

# Wonjin Paranasal Augmentation – Implant Insertion

If the area around the nose is sunken due to deeper smile line, it gives unsophisticated and flat impression due to sunken mid face. In this case, implant insertion, autologous fat grafting, and filler could be used to fill up the volume on the sunken area to give baby face effect and reduce the mouth protrusion.

# Implant Insertion

This is a method of inserting harmless implant such as silicone, goretex, and alloderm. Wonjin carefully analyzes the individual’s soft tissue to create one on one customized implant for more natural and semi-permanent effect. In case of requiring orthodontic treatment, the implant can easily be removed.

# Implant Insertion Surgery Information

Duration Anesthesia Stitch Removal Clinic Visit Recovery Period
15 min. ~ 30 min. Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia 7 days after 1-2 times Return to everyday activity 4~5 days after

# Wonjin’s Implant Insertion Know-how

1:1 custom made implant

Wonjin delicately makes the implant customized for each individual which reduces the possibility of the implant’s movement to give more natural look.

Insert deeply

For the natural look, the implant has to be inserted inside the skin layer. Wonjin accurately measures the soft tissues inside the skin to deeply insert the implant for the natural shape.

Fixation on 3 parts

Previous Pyriform Surgery only fixated on both side (two parts) which had the problem of the implant moving upward. Wonjin fixates on three parts to reduce the possibility of implant movement.

# Wonjin’s Implant Insertion


Wonjin Paranasal Augmentation – Autologous Fat Grafting

This method is to extract the unnecessary fat on abdomen, thigh, and hip to inject on dented area beside the nose to give more volume.

# Autologous Fat Grafting Surgery Information

Duration Anesthesia Stitch Removal Clinic Visit Recovery Period
App. 1 hour Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia 1-2 weeks after 3-4 times Immediate return to everyday activity

# The Advantages of Autologous Fat Grafting

  •   Semi-permanent effect with one time treatment using pure fat
  •   Natural volume creation with three-dimensional fine injection method
  •   Almost no side effect or irritation
  •   Body slimming effect by extracting unnecessary fat on liposuction area
  •   Almost no scar due to using fine injection needles


# Autologous Fat Grafting Surgery Method

Fat Extraction

Fat extraction using Cannula from abdomen or thigh or hip under deep sleep anesthesia.


Separate the waste to extract pure fat with centrifugal separator.

Three-dimensional Fat Grafting

Inject pure fat on areas under subcutaneous fat layer and muscle layer around the nostrils for the natural volume.

# Wonjin’s Paranasal Augmentation – Filler

When the smile line problem is minor, a simple treatment without surgery can be applied to make the improvement. This has the advantage of no swelling and scar which allows immediate return to everyday activity.

The Advantages of Filler Injection

– Satisfying result without surgery
– Immediate effect after the treatment
– Using Filler approved by Ministry of Food and Drug Administration
– Harmless to body with natural materials
– Invisible scar by using fine needle for injection

# Types of Filler

Wonjin only uses genuine fillers approved by U.S. FDA. Filler is made by natural materials which gives no side effect in case of melting, it naturally decomposes into the body.



Hyaluronic acid, which is identical to the body’s internal substance, is used to remove wrinkles and fill volume with elasticity and moisture.

– The effect lasts about 1 year to 1 year and a half.
– It can be safely melted with hyaluronidase enzyme if the treatment result is not satisfactory.



Restylane is the first ever made filler that is widely used all over the world. It has lidocaine, which is the ingredient for local anesthesia. This gives less pain for more comfortable treatment.

– The effect lasts about 1 year to 1 year and a half.
– It can be safely melted with hyaluronidase enzyme if the treatment result is not satisfactory.

# The Process of Filler Injection


01. DesigningDesigning after thorough consultation with the specialist.


02. AnesthesiaLocal anesthesia using anesthesia cream on treatment area.


03. Filler InjectionAccurate injection using needles on treatment area with moderate amount.


04. Treatment ResultImmediate effect and return to everyday activity.

# Wonjin’s Filler Insertion