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Long Face Surgery

Here is information about long face surgery

Long Face

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: 2 days
  • Stitch Removal: 2 weeks after
  • Clinic Visit: 5 times
  • Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity 2 weeks after

Before & After

What is Long Face?

Long face is imbalanced looking face that has more length than the width. People with long face have narrow width with retruded chin which makes them harder to close their mouth. This also makes the front teeth to be protruded and showing too much gums when smiling.

Recommended for those who

  1. Have visible teeth and gums when smiling
  2. Have long face with protruded mouth
  3. Have long chin only
  4. Have long face with large lower jaw

Cases for Long Face


Self-diagnosis of Long Face

– Face looks long!
– Lower part is longer than the upper part!
– Under eyes are too flat!
– Showing too much gums when smiling!
– People say I look depressed!

Types of Long Face



Showing too much gums when smiling

Two Jaw Surgery is required due to over developed upper teeth gums.



Long face with protruded mouth

Two Jaw Surgery is required to improve protruded mouth.



Have long front chin only

Genio Osteotomy is required and Two Jaw Surgery is required in case of overall long chin.



Have large front chin with long face

Square jaw reduction with two jaw surgery is required due to widely developed jaw with long face.

Long Face Surgery

– Reduce the size of the jaw length and fix the problems regarding face bones all at once.
– Find and figure out the surgery plan for the best result with Simulation Operation Prediction Program.
– Wonjin does not only consider the bone frames, but also considers the soft tissues for the full satisfaction of the surgery.

Long Face Surgical Method

  1. Normal occlusion with long chin – Genio Osteotomy without orthodontics treatment
  2. In case of malocclusion – Two Jaw surgery with Orthodontic treatment
  3. Face asymmetry with protruded mouth – Two Jaw Surgery with orthodontic treatments
  4. In case over developed lower jaw – Two Jaw Surgery with orthodontic treatment

METHOD 01 Genio Osteotomy

It is performed on patient who has correct biting with only protruded front chin. By shortening the front chin and move it upwards with Osteotomy, the result is effective. This surgery requires advanced skills to avoid nerve damages.


METHOD 02 Two Jaw Surgery

Two Jaw Surgery is required for long face with the cases of malocclusion, face asymmetry, and protruded mouth. By shaving the upper and lower jaw bones and move them backwards to have good result.ixation power.


Two Jaw Surgery Process



Osteotomy on upper jaw (between lower part of nose and upper teeth) and lower jaw


Move upper and lower jaw


Fixate the bones for safe positioning