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Complex Facial Contour

Here is information about complex facial contour

Wonjin Complex Facial Contour

  • Duration: 2 hr to 2 hr 30 min.
  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: 1 day
  • Stitch Removal: 1-2 weeks
  • Clinic Visit: 2-3 times
  • Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity 1 week after surgery

Before & After

What is Wonjin Complex Facial Contour?

In many cases, a person with developed jaw also has protruded cheekbone. The effect is very limited with only square jaw reduction or cheekbone reduction. Wonjin’s Complex Facial Contour does not only aim for sharper face shape but also considers the individual’s face features and balance to correct overall face line including cheekbone, square jaw, and front chin.

Recommended for those who

  1. Have big and angular face from front view
  2. Have wide jaw line because of thick bone
  3. Have unbalanced face shape
  4. Have good features (eyes, nose, and mouth) but have big face
  5. Have not experienced a good result with one type of surgery

Why would you choose Wonjin's Complex Facial Contour?

From hairline to jawline, we make desired face line!

Solve overall facial contour matters at once.

Wonjin Complex Facial Contour not only incises the angular jaw but it also goes through various types of method considering each individual’s face features and images to maximize the effect of the surgery.

Solve both protruded cheekbone and square jaw at the same time.

Wonjin Complex Facial Contour is the effective surgical method to make smoother face line from protruded cheekbone to angular jaw. This considers the cheekbone and jawline as one face line which allows the natural look as a result.

Accurate and safe.

With a variety type of equipment such as 3D-CT, X-ray, and SOPP (Simulation of Operation Prediction Program), we accurately measure the current condition to plan for safer and more accurate surgery.

Smoother face line without saggy skin.

Wonjin Complex Facial Contour leaves almost no saggy cheeks due to smaller incision area and muscle contraction. In addition, for the patients with more bone reduction or lower skin elasticity due to aging,
we provide many types of lifting treatment for maximizing the result.

Wonjin's Complex Facial Contour Surgical Method

Step 1. Precise Analysis with 3D-CT Step 2. Design through 3D Simulation Step 3. Complete Customized Face line
Step 1. Precise Analysis with 3D-CT Step 2. Design through 3D Simulation Step 3. Complete Customized Face line
Before planning the surgery, exclusive medical specialist precisely examines the patient’s condition through consultation and 3D-CT scanning. With three-dimensional simulation, it allows to predict the after look for establishing a precise customization surgery plan. It completes customized face line with excellence in both aesthetic and functional performance.

How Wonjin thinks about Egg-shaped face line


Wonjin Complex Facial Contour,
The true beginning of Egg-shaped face line

How did Wonjin Complex Facial Contour start?

As the standard of beauty prefers smaller and slimmer face shape, many people go under the knife to get a perfect V-line shaped face. However, this leads to other problems of unnatural looking jawline due to over incision.

When others were focusing on the surgeries only to make face smaller, Wonjin has thought about the beauty that comes from the overall balance. Wonjin’s Complex Facial Contour not only cuts the bones but also it improves the overall face line by making a smooth curve line from hairline to the end of the jaw.

The effect of egg-shaped face line, firm and elastic from the inside

Facial contour may reduce the size of the face but this does not mean that it can also reduce the soft tissues of face skin and muscles, which may cause the sagginess depending on each individual’s condition. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic, we minimize the incision size to reduce the possibility of sagginess with our rich experience. However, we provide variety types of lifting procedures to maximize the satisfactory for those who have a lot of fat on face and chin.

Process of Wonjin Complex Facial Contour

1. Before the surgery 2. During the surgery 3. After the surgery
X-ray scan and analysis
-> Consultation
-> Plan the surgery
Customized surgery after accurate diagnosis and surgery plan Wound dressing
– Clean care system
– Instructions on Medication
– Oxygen Therapy
– Injection Therapy
– Healite Therapy

Wonjin Complex Facial Contour