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Slanted Eyes

Slanted Eyes Sursury Infomation

Slanted Eyes

  • Method: Lateral Canthoplasty, Hot’z Surgery
  • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia (Almost No Pain)
  • Duration: 30 min. ~ 1 hour
  • Stitch Removal: App. 7 days after
  • Clinic Visit: 2 times
  • Recover Period: Return to everyday activity after stitch removal

Before & After

Slanted Eyes

Elevated lateral corners of the eyes, or slanted eyes, can display an intense and vicious appearance. By levelling the corners of the eyes and creating double eyelids (refer to double eyelid surgery pages), it can remarkably change the person’s impression to give a charming and friendly appearance.


Slanted eyes can often give off a strong and chic impression but also can make someone look arrogant or angry depending on personal viewpoints. Lateral Canthoplasty and Hot’z Surgery can create the most ideal length and shape of the eyes with customized surgeries to each patients’ desires.

At Wonjin, we do not make incisions to the lateral conjunctiva when we perform Lateral Canthoplasty surgery. This prevents the exposure of red and raw tissues and also prevents the incision site to reattach. A gentle and charming appearance can be achieved by combining double eyelid surgeries with canthoplasty surgeries.

Eyelid Surgery Method for Slanted Eyes

  • Individually customized Eyelid Surgery planned by specialist STEP 01
    Our surgeons plan and customize each inidividuals eyelid surgery

    Our seasoned surgeon will determine the thickness of the skin, the amount of fats and muscles on eyelid, and then proceed to customize each surgery whilst considering the patients' desires.

  • Designing ideal line STEP 02
    Designing the ideal line

    Individual patients' eye shape and personal desires are considered to design an ideal double eyelid line, shape, and height.

  • Control of Direction by Incising Outer Corner of Eye STEP 03
    Incisions on the outer corner of the eyes and adjustments of the angles

    Incisions are made conditionally to the ideal angles. The conjunctiva remains untouched thus the incision site will not reattach itself after the surgery.

  • Clean suture to minimize scar STEP 04
    Clean Suture to Minimize Scar

    Clean and delicate sutures on the surgical incision site minimizes scar formation and swelling. The results can be more dramatic and better satisfactory outcomes can be achieved when double eyelid surgeries are performed together.


Lateral Canthoplasty and Hot’z Surgery requires delicate and sophisticated skills since it deals with bony structures, muscles, and skin. It is important to devise a careful surgical plan in order to achieve the most ideal eye shape.