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Natural Fascia Fixation Method Information

Here is information about natural fascia fixation

Natural Fascia Fixation Method

  • Duration: 30-40 min.
  • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: N/A
  • Stitch Removal: 2 days after
  • Clinic Visit: 2 times
  • Recovery Period: Return to daily activities 3-5 days after

Before & After

What is Natural Fascia Fixation Method?

Natural Fascia Fixation is a method that correctly clamps the double eyelid line onto the fascia without incising the eyelid, and allows for a longer vertical diameter of the eye. The effects of this method is similar to wearing aesthetic eye lenses which makes the patient’s eye appear bigger, clearer and brighter. The degree of the exposure of the pupils can be adjusted accordingly to achieve the most suitable eye shape for the patient.

Recommended for those who

  1. Wish to achieve natural double eyelids and correct ptosis at the same time
  2. Wish to have ptosis corrected but are worried about visible scars
  3. Have feint double eyelid lines or sleepy eyes
  4. Wish to lengthen the vertical diameter of the eyes

Principal of Natural Fascia Fixation Method

Many patients believe that Natural Fascia Fixation can only be achieved by methods of incisions. However, by carefully puncturing minuscule holes through the fascia layer, a natural outcome can be achieved by inducing adhesion between the skin tissues and the upper eyelid fascia.

Wonjin’s cutting-edge Natural Fascia Fixation Method can pull and fixate the fascia, and adjust the degree of pupil exposure according to the patients’ needs.

Natural Fascia Fixation Method

  • Before the Surgery
  • 1. Original Double Eyelid
    Surgery Case
  •  2. Only Non-incisional Ptosis
    Correction Case
  •   3. Ptosis Correction(Natural
    Fascia Fixation Method)Case

Wonjin’s Exclusive Skill

Key Point! : The fixing location of the double eyelid line on the fascia

Levator palpebrae superioris muscle is responsible for opening the eyes. Wonjin’s Natural Fascia Fixation surgery induces the adhesion of skin tissues with levator palpebrae superioris fascial membrane to correctly pull the double eyelid line, whilst minimizing the possibility of detachment and over-exposure of the pupils.

Features of Natural Fascia Fixation Method

Wonjin’s Natural Fascia Fixation Method is a combination of natural adhesion and non-incisional ptosis correction that creates a distinctively natural and clearer eyes.


Natural Fascia Fixation Method

  • Before surgery
    STEP 01
    Before the surgery
  • After incision, unnecessary fats and tissues removed
    STEP 02
    Small holes made on eyelid
  • Tighten the muscle and suture
    STEP 03
    Inducement of natural
    adhesion on fascia
  • After surgery
    STEP 4.
    After the surgery

Why would you choose

Wonjin's Natural Fascia Fixation Method?

It creates the most natural and suitable double eyelid line!

Transform those sleepy, tiresome eyes and achieve clearer and more attractive eyes by extending the vertical diameter of the eyes.

You can see the change exactly as you expected by customization!

Our delicate skills allow you to achieve every little details such as the shape and length of double eyelid line, and the degree of pupil exposure.

Short surgery time leads to minimum swelling and faster recovery!

Since there are no incisions involved, there will be no visible scars and allows faster recovery.

Prominently clearer and brighter eyes lead to sharper impression for men!

This surgery allows you to achieve very thin and natural double eyelids, thus it is very suitable for men who wish for unnoticeable surgery result.