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Complex Double Suture

Here is information about complex double suture

Complex Double Suture (Non-incisional) Method

  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: N/A
  • Stitch Removal: 2-3 days later
  • Clinic Visit: 2 times
  • Recovery Period: Return to daily activity 3-4 days later

Before & After

What is Complex Double Suture Method?

The simple non-incisional suture method of double eyelid surgery creates the eyelid line with only the strength of suture thread. Whereas, the complex double suture method allows for natural adhesion between skin and underlying muscles with a stronger, much durable W-line suture that can firmly fixate the double eyelids.

Recommended for those who

  1. Wish to achieve natural double eyelid
  2. Wish for minimal scarring and swelling
  3. Wish to return to daily activities immediately
  4. Have thin eyelid skin with minimal skin sag
  5. Wish to avoid incisional method

Feature of Complex Double Suture Method

This is our exclusive method designed to solidify the weak fixation strength of the original suture method that regularly become loose or undone. Complex double suture method surgery not only induces natural adhesion of surrounding tissues, but it also helps to achieve a much more natural appearance.

Advantages of Complex Double Suture Method

Complex Double Suture Method
Natural Result Simple Surgery and Quick Recovery Less Chance of Becoming Undone
The suturing method and the natural adhesion of tissues allows for natural looking eyes Prompt return to daily activity is possible: minimal tissue damage Double suture method prevents loosening of double eyelid line

Complex Double Suture Method Procedure

  • Before surgery
    STEP 01
    Before the surgery

    Thorough consultation with the surgeon to find the best suitable surgical method
  • After incision, unnecessary fats and tissues removed
    STEP 02
    Designing and punching
    small holes

    Small holes will be made on the eyelid
  • Tighten the muscle and suture
    STEP 03

    The eyelid will be sutured with W-line thread and induce natural adhesion of tissues
  • After surgery
    STEP 04
    After the surgery

    Complete creation of natural double eyelid without scar formation.

Difference between

Original Suture Method and Complex Double Suture Method
Original Suture Method Complex Double Suture Method
Recommended Type Thin Eyelid Suitable for Almost Every Type
Result Natural Definite and Natural
Scar Almost None Almost None
Chance of Loosening Moderate Very Low