What to fill?

You will have to fill in all the require information in the form. For MyKad number and Contact number, you just need to insert the numbers without any “-” or “space”.

What is it?

Put in a subject name that is relevant to the type of surgery you are consulting. You can follow the name of the type of surgery in our website. Examples: Botox, Nose extension, etc. It is advisable to keep the subject name short and simple. For multiple surgery, you could put in a general name. Examples: Face, Body, etc.

Tell Us Your Desire

In Message, describe the current condition of the area where you would like to be more aesthetic. Then state your preference. We advise you to read through WONJIN’s Face, Body and Anti-Aging section to have a better insight of the procedures and outcomes of the surgery of your choice. If you are unsure of your preference, just let us know and our medical experts will consult you on your ideal preference.

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

Upload picture file of the area that you are consulting. A minimum of 3 pictures are require for uploading so that we can get a clearer grasp of your condition. Remember to read the upload condition for file format and size.