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Dual Chamber

Dual Chamber tear-drop shaped breast augmentation
The key of know how


Shape or Texture

No more worries

Soft gel + safe gel found a solution to your concerns.

Soft gel tear-drop shaped implant
The texture is soft, but the shape can change.
Hard gel tear-drop shaped implant
The shape is pretty, the texture is hard.


When skin of breast area is too thin and insufficient, it can not cover up the implants in full degree. So we felt lack of something on using any types of implants.

If so, ‘can we combine the strength of these two types?’ After deep consideration, WONJIN and Polytech company kept working hard and studying deep into it.


For the first time in Asia, only WONJIN present Dual Chamber tear drop shaped implant which was optimized for Korean female body type. This is a promise to give satisfaction to everyone.


In spite of strong pressure, the shape does not change.

Safe gel keep the tear-drop shape.

General tear-drop shaped implant
gel moves upwards then changes the shape into round shape.
Dual Chamber tear-drop shaped implant
In spite of strong pressure, the tear-drop shape does not change.

What will happen when people who have insufficient skin use soft gel? Skin will press the implant so sometimes the shape might change into round. However, Using hard gel type is good enough either related to the texture.

Even a few years ago, there was a stereotype about using the hard gel type to maintain the tear-drop shape. But, WONJIN overcame the limitations.


Soft gel complement the texture so the strength of Safe gel will stand out.

Safe gel has a good cohesiveness. Therefore, it keeps a good shape. Of course, they do not spread out no matter how big they are so the volume will stay still and a style of dressing will be much better.


Amazing cohesiveness

Soft gel adhere very well.


When we touch our chest, our rips are protruded. If we put a wooden board on the uneven side, there should be gaps in between. Therefore, that was a right choice to make the implant adhered side to the chest with soft gel.


The soft gel will be adhered to the curved side of the chest very closely. In other words, soft clay will stick much better than hard one.

General tear-drop shaped implant
When it is pressed, the adhesive side to the chest will be detached
Dual Chamber tear-drop shaped implant
In spite of pressure, it is adhered to the chest without any gap in between.

Even though press it strongly, the adhesive side to the chest are not detached so it feels more attached to the body. Besides, there is a low foreign body reaction. It is a lot safer because it reduces the thickness of capsula that causes capsular contracture.

3 months

Surgery Information

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30mins ~ 2 hours
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Hospitalization: Not necessary
  • Stich removal: 7 days after the surgery
  • Number of post operative visits: 3 ~ 4 times
  • Recovery period: 3 ~ 4 days after the surgery return to everyday activity possible

Recommended for those who

  • Have small build and insufficient skin
  • Have narrow upper body and small breasts
  • Have pigeon breasts or funnel chest
  • Want to have upgraded tear-drop shaped breast implants