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Breast Reconstruction

Here is information about breast reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: 1 day
  • Stitch Removal: 7~10 days after
  • Clinic Visit: Varies depending on the individual
  • Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity 2 weeks after

Before & After

What is Breast Reconstruction?

This procedure is for people that had to remove breasts or underwent mastectomy from breast cancer, an accident, or had one or both breasts damaged. Breast reconstruction involves transplanting muscle or fat tissue and restoring the breasts to their normal shape. With much experience, WONJIN promises to restore femininity and offer a higher quality life.

Appropriate for those who

  1. Lost one or both breasts from breast cancer
  2. Have uneven breasts after breast cancer treatment
  3. Have deformed shaped breasts after an accident

Breast reconstruction surgical method

Breast reconstruction varies by cases of breast implant insertion, tissue expansion, and grafting.

1. Breast reconstruction using breast implant

Breast implants used for regular breast augmentation surgery are inserted to easily reconstruct the breasts.
The breast implants are inserted underneath the muscle so that it does not affect breast cancer check ups.
Polyurethane breast implants are used to prevent the risks of secondary side effects and hardening.

2. Breast reconstruction using tissue expansion

Using the tissue expander to expand the breast tissue, the breast implant will then be inserted into the breast. This method is used to expand breast tissue after breast cancer surgery, where a portion of the breast has been removed, and then insert a “cohesive gel” breast implant similar to the texture of real breast tissue.

  1. Issue expander is inserted into the correct place.
  2. Saline solution is injected into the tissue expander. Tissue expansion begins after saline solution is injected.
  3. Tissue expander is removed.
  1. Implant is inserted into the expanded space.
  2. The treatment is completed.

3. Areola/ Nipple Reconstruction Permanent

For breast reconstruction, WONJIN not only focuses on restoring the breast, but also the areola and the nipples. By using the most natural looking permanent color and pattern, the areola and nipples will keep their unique texture, providing natural looking results.

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