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Smart Prep Fat Grafting

Here is information about smart prep fat grafting

Non-incision Hair Transplant

  • Duration : 1-2 hours
  • Anesthesia : Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization : N/A
  • Stitch Removal : 1-2 weeks after surgery
  • Clinic Visit : 1-2 times
  • Recovery Period : Return to everyday activity 1-2 weeks after surgery

Before & After

What is SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting?

SmartPrep2 fat grafting has supplemented the issue of previous fat grafting of fast absorption and loss. It transplants only healthy fat and stem cell with an excellent engraftment. It maintains the transplanted fat as the blood vessels are generated, high nutrients supplied, and increasing the vitality of the fat cells. Also, it produces multiple collagen and improves elasticity and wrinkles by growth of the surrounding tissues.

Appropriate for those who

  1. Wish to maintain face volume
  2. Wish to improve aged looking with hollow and saggy cheek
  3. Wish to look younger with smooth face line
  4. Concerned about side effect of implant and filler
  5. Wish to achieve volume on breast and hip without surgery
  6. Wish to improve angular face without surgery

SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting Area (Volume)

Forehead (Temple) Nose/Short chin Sunken Eyelid (Dark circles/Love band) Cheek (Front cheekbone)
Able to achieve natural volume with slim and lively looking face. Temple is located on the edges of the forehead and it needs proper volume to complete a beautiful forehead. SmartPrep2 is appropriate for those who wish to have rhinoplasty but afraid of surgery and limited time. Also, it is beneficial for those have short chin or awkward looks with front chin wrinkles. Sunken eyelid, tired looking eyes, multiple double eyelid, and protruded eyes make person look older. These symptoms may be improved through fat grafting on sunken eyes and look younger and vibrant A moderate amount of volume on cheek is a basic condition of youthful look. Without fat on the cheeks, protruded cheekbone or chin may give strong impression. SmartPrep2 fat grafting can improve the skin elasticity and volume.

SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting Area (Wrinkle)

Forehead wrinkle Glabella wrinkle Smile line Indian wrinkle (Neck/Around the eyes/Around the mouth)
Able to achieve younger looking face with fat grafting on sunken area due to aging, skin thinning, and fine wrinkles on forehead. Sunken or wrinkled glabella can make a person look angry and eyebrows look too close. The depth of sunken area and thickness of skin will be considered carefully for precise fat grafting. Able to achieve youthful and younger looking face by improving the sunken area around the nose and mouth. Indian wrinkle gets noticeable under the cheekbone when smiling which make the person look older. Dented wrinkle is hard to recover so it must be treated with SmarPrep2 fat grafting in the beginning stage.

SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting Area (Body Type)

Breast Hip Calves Skin Improvement Effect
SmartPrep2 fat grafting is effective for those who have small breasts; shrunken breasts due to breastfeeding; and asymmetrical breasts.
It feels natural and soft by using the autologous tissue and reduced the concerns of infection, pain, damage, and capsular contracture due to implant.
SmartPrep2 fat grafting is effective for those who have flat hip without volume; saggy hip; and asymmetrical hip. SmartPrep2 fat grafting adds elasticity by regenerating the cells. SmartPrep2 fat grafting is possible on adding volume on thinned calves due to infantile paralysis and other injuries. Stem cell is excellent for skin regeneration containing rich growth factor which promotes cell multiplication and collagen. It creates collagen and hyaluronic acid to promote the growth of an epithelial cell and also creates blood cells to effectively fill into the sunken skin.

Features of SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting

Healthy cells can survive at room temperature for only 4 hours, thus they must be used right after the extraction.


Damaged Stem Cell by Normal Centrifugation!

During the normal centrifugation, it may lead to cell damage due to heat and contacting with air. It is important to choose the right device in order to prevent the stem cell damage. Therefore, Wonjin clinic uses up-to-date medical device to minimize stem cell damage.

Unstable Process Stable Process
-The number of living cells is low
-Separated cells during extraction process have no or minimal effect
-The number of living cells is high
-Healthy cells will be regenerated in the body for the differentiation

Damaged Stem Cell by Normal Refrigeration!

During the normal refrigeration, stem cell gets damaged. In order to reduce the intracellular freezing and prevent damage to the cell membrane, it needs to be stored in minus 196 degrees liquid nitrogen to recue the damage to the cells or tissues, which stored in extremely low temperature refrigeration system for an extended period of time. The satisfaction of stem cell fat grafting is higher than regular fat grafting but fresh cell can be reused for the 2nd session when needed.


SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting Operation Process


SmartPrep2 POINT!

The main function of stem cell is tissue regeneration, differentiation potential, improve immune function, growth factor activation, blood vessel regeneration, homing effect to regenerating the damaged area, multipotential cell which able to differentiate into variety tissues or organs, and self-renewal cell to divide into increase the number of cells on its own. The high satisfaction can be expected only when the clinic is chosen for the stem cell procedure. Please consider the high quality of medical system, experienced surgeons, one on one specialized anesthesia system, surgery aftercare, and medical devices.

Why Choose SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting?

You can expect semi-permanent effect by one time treatment.
You can expect high survival rate than regular fat grafting by using healthy and young fat cells.
You can expect close to no side effect by using your own tissue.
You can expect brighter skin tone, wrinkle removal, and elasticity improvement.
You can expect improvement on acne scar, pore reduction, and skin trouble.
You can expect close to no swelling and scar by using micro needle.

Why? Why would you choose Wonjin's SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting?

SmartPrep2 fat grafting has been completed through changes of simply collecting the fat process. Through the transplant process of reducing the air and heat which lowers the engraftment, it has increased the volume and cell renewal development.

Longer Lasting Effect of Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Stem cell fat grafting stabilizes the engraftment of fat by nutrients being distributed through developed blood vessels and increase the fat cell activation. The adult stem cells gets differentiated into fat cells so it has higher engraftment than fat cells that are only transplanted. Also, it generates its own collagen so it’s very effective on skin elasticity and wrinkles.


Increased Survival Rate of Lipokit Fat Grafting

Lipokit fat grafting is a procedure using the high-tech fat grafting device which the liposuction and centrifugation is possible at the same time. The rate of fat engraftment is very high because the fat is taken without exposure to the air, low possibility of infection, low cell damage, and by removing the free fat which affects the survival rate of transplanted fat.


Increased Survival Rate of Lipokit Fat Grafting

Regular fat grafting transplants too much fat on a single layer, which makes the surface bumpy and decreases the volume. At Wonjin, the fat is transplanted on every layer; periosteum, muscular layer, subcutaneous fat layer, and dermal layer.


What is Stem Cell?

Human Body is consisted of at least of 200 types and 60 trillion cells. Most cells are being used in its own tissue such as bone structure, nerve, and muscle but there are special cells that can differentiate into different tissue, and these are Stem Cells.

Increased Survival Rate of Lipokit Fat Grafting

SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting has nearly no gene modification since it is extracting highly concentrated stem cell with no developed stem cells included. Therefore, SmartPrep2 Fat Grafting helps wrinkles and improves skin elasticity by providing nutrients of highly concentrated growth factors to the nearby tissues.


Category Embryonic Stem Cell Adult Stem Cell
Fat Stem Cell Bone Marrow Stem Cell Blood Stem Cell
Origin of Cell Egg, Fertilized Egg Fat Bone Marrow Cord Blood,Blood
Cell Secure Difficult Comparatively Easy Comparatively Easy Average/Comparatively Easy
Ethic Issue Yes Almost None Almost None Almost None
Teratoma Possibility Yes Almost None Almost None Almost None

SmartPrep2 Extract Process

1. Blood Extract 2. Separation of Stem Cell 3. Stem Cell Extract


Before the Surgery

-Stop taking the medicines that disturb hemorrhage control (birth control pills, hormone drugs, vitamin E, and aspirin) at least 2 weeks before the surgery. Notify the consultant and the surgeon if you are under treatment of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and thyroids.
-Stop smoking cigarettes at least 3 days before the surgery and notify the consultant and the surgeon if you have cold to check your respiratory system.
-Taking shower with mild type soap on the day of surgery is recommended and remove contact lenses, jewelry, accessories, nail polish, and make-up before coming to the clinic.
-Do not eat or drink (including candy, gum, and water) 4 hours before the surgery (8 hours for general anesthesia).
-Prepare comfortable clothes (hoodie or button down shirt), mask, scarf, cap, and sunglasses. It is hard to drive after the surgery, so please come with the guardian.


Postoperative Requirements

-There will be some swelling and bruising for about 2 days after surgery and will subside gradually. Do not sleep with your face down and use 2-3 pillows to help reduce the swelling.
-Do not apply pressure or rub the fat grafted area. (For forehead fat grafting, please wear loose fitting hat or recommended not to wear hat.)
-Please sleep with straight posture. (Especially for cheeks)
-Facial massage is recommended 1-2 months after the surgery.
-Drinking alcohol and smoking is prohibited for 4 weeks after the surgery.

※ General complications such as bleeding and infection may occur depending on the patient’s condition.