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Fat Grafting

Here is information about fat grafting

Surgery Information

  • Duration : Approximately 1 hour
  • Anesthesia : Local anesthesia with deep sedation
  • Fasting : 6 hours before operation time
  • Stitch Removal : 6~7 days from operation day
  • Hospitalization : Not necessary
  • Washing Face : Available after a week
  • Recommended Stay in Korea : Min. of 7 days from operation date
  • Mani & Pedicure : Must be removed
  • Recommended post-operative cares : Avoid pressure and minimize any movement of the treated area for 2-3 weeks after the procedure in order to let the fat cells settle. (Do not rub or massage with cold pack)
  • Take in sufficient nutrients – Excessive diet may interrupt fat cells settling down. Avoid hot saunas, strenuous exercise, and acute stress
Before & After

What is Micro Fat grafting?

Extract unnecessary fat from abdomen, thighs, buttocks using a centrifuge so that only the fat is grafted into the face. Then transfer fat into the problem areas. A fat injection at WONJIN can improve the overall dimension of the face which amplifies anti aging to give you a younger looking face.

Appropriate for those who

  1. Have a sunken or uneven forehead
  2. Have sunken eyelids
  3. Wish to make their flat nose higher
  4. Wish to amplify thin cheeks
  5. Need to improve smile lines
  6. Wish to correct an inverted triangle shaped face
  7. Wish to look younger overall

Areas for fat grafting


  • Narrow forehead
  • Flat forehead
  • Protruding eyebrow bone
  • Wrinkles on forehead and eyebrows

  • Sunken cheeks
  • Protruding cheeks
  • Wrinkly cheeks
  • Shadow under cheekbones
Nose (smile lines)

  • Deep smile lines
  • Sunken area next to nostrils
  • Protruding looking lips

  • No chin
  • Protruding mouth
  • Uneven chin
  • Short chin
Upper blepharoplasty

  • Protruding eyes
  • Layered double eyelids from lack of fat
  • Tired looking eyes due to saggy eyelids
Lower blepharoplasty

  • Dark circles
  • Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Love bands under eyes

Micro fat grafting

Micro fat grafting at WONJIN uses injection to transplant trace amounts of fat evenly for accuracy and a higher rate of transplant. The fat is extracted from the abdomen or thighs, a process effective for body contouring as well. Because it is injected, general anesthesia and incision is not necessary.

Type Micro fat grafting Regular fat grafting
Structure Many layers One layer
Period Semi permanent 1~3 years
Effect Youthful and pretty face Swollen and unnatural face
Features A natural effect after the first treatment Unnatural results can occur if too much fat is grafted

Micro fat grafting surgical method


Fat grafting

Lipokit fat grafting

Equipment that can perform liposuction and centrifugation is used to extract fat and purify it, allowing minimal possibility for infection. It removes free oil, responsible for the survivability of the fat, which allows cohesive fat grafting.

Stem cell fat grafting

Extracts unnecessary fat and separates clean fat cells to extract stem cells with excellent regenerative ability. Then the cells, mixed with fat, are grafted onto the desired area to increase regenerative rate, and skin regeneration which helps with looking younger and more active.

Smart stem cell fat grafting

Smart system fat grafting reduces the chance for failed fat transplant by extracting unnecessary fat and separating the clean fat cells. These cells are further separated into healthy cells to transplant them on the necessary area. The fat and stem cells are combined leading to an increased rate of transplant and effects, resulting in skin regeneration and younger looking skin.

Advantages of smart stem cell fat grafting

  • 1. Expect semi permanent anti aging effect with 1 procedure.
  • 2. Young and healthy fat cells are used for higher rate of transplant.
  • 3. Almost no rate of infection due to use to one’s own tissue.
  • 4. Removal of wrinkles, improved tightness, and clear skin tone.
  • 5. Pore tightening, improvement of acne scars and skin troubles.
  • 6. Almost no swelling or scarring.

** Stem Cell:

A human body has 200 different kinds of cells numbering up to 60 trillion. Most cells are in bones, nerves, and muscles, but cells with the special ability to become different cells are called stem cells.

Stem cell used in smart stem cell fat grafting

Smart system fat grafting includes stem cells which does not cause DNA disfiguration, and the transplanted fat receive nutrition so that the surrounding tissue helps growth, resulting in elasticity and wrinkle refinement.


Smart stem cell fat grafting process

Smart system fat grafting extracts fat from the abdomen or thighs and uses lipokit equipment to extract natural fat without exposure to air. After extraction of stem cells, it is mixed and grafted onto designed area.