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Artecoll Information

Here is information about artecoll


  • Duration: 5~10 min.
  • Anesthesia: Topical Anesthesia (Ointment)
  • Hospitalization: N/A
  • Stitch Removal: N/A
  • Clinic Visit: N/A
  • Recovery Period: Immediate return to everyday activities

Before & After

What is Artecoll (Artesense)?

Artecoll, approved by the US FDA, is composed of PMMA (used for treating osteomyelitis and bone adhesion) and scleroprotein collagen (located in bones, cartilage, skin, etc.). Artecoll is a ground-breaking ingredient that provides semi-permanent effect unlike pre-existing fillers that last for a shorter period of time. Artecoll and Artesense are identical products. Artesense is just another name for Artecoll.

Appropriate for those who

  1. Wish to look young and beautiful (contour effect)
  2. Wish to get nose job effect without surgery (rhinoplasty effect)
  3. Wish to unroll wrinkles with one treatment (wrinkle care effect)
  4. Want semi-permanent filler treatment

What is PMMA(poly Methyl Meth Acrylate)?

PMMA was first developed in Germany in 1902, initially being used for dentures and dental prosthesis. Later on, it became an ingredient being used for various purposes for human anatomy, such as chronic osteomyelitis and bone adhesion.

PMMA and Collagen Interaction in the Body

PMMA is composed of small and flat-shaped particles that do not get absorbed inside the body. Once PMMA gets injected into the body, collagen is produced to fill the vacant space between the tissues. This is the reason why Artecoll (artesense) is able to be maintained for more than 10 years.


After 5 weeks

Artecoll collagen (green color) and PMMA (round-shaped) injection


After 3 months

Artecoll collagen (green color) is absorbed and autogenous collagen (yellow color) is produced


After 1 years

Autogenous collagen maintained around PMMA


After 10 years

Autogenous collagen maintained around PMMA

Collagen Principle of PMMA and Collagen Action


Artecoll (Artesense)

Microscopic particles of PMMA permanently remain on the injected region, expediting autogenic collagen production.


Injecting layer of Artecoll (Artesense)

It is injected below the inner skin layer and above the fat layer, unlike other fillers being injected below the outer skin layer. Artecoll (artesense) is a semi-permanent filler that should be injected by an experienced specialist to prevent side effects.

Advantages of Artecoll (artesense)

Safe :

Artecoll is the only semi-permanent filler having been sold for over 15 years, and it has been proven for its 10 years of maintenance and stability.

Economical :

In the long-run, it is more economical than hyaluronic acid filler which is injected once every 6 months.

Scarce :

Artecoll (artesense) treatment can be performed only in 10 designated locations in Korea where skills have been fully acknowledged.

Sustainable :

Artecoll (artesense) is the only implant filler that has retained more than 10 years of clinical data in Korea.

Areas for Artecoll (artesense) Treatment


Artecoll (artesense) Treatment Method

1. Consultation

Select and design area(s) to be treated after thorough consultation with a medical specialist

2. Anesthesia

Topical anesthetic ointment

3. Treatment

Inject required dose to treatment area

Why would people want Wonjin’s Artecoll (artesense)?

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has been officially designated for Artecoll treatments. Currently, there are only 10 officially designated hospitals for Artecoll treatments in Korea.

Wonjin adds safety with its clean sterilized system!

It is very important to maintain a sterilized system and environment since Artecoll is a semi-permanent filler that remains in the body for a long time.

Wonjin’s extensive and high-level of experience will always result in the proper amount on the right areas!

Artecoll treatment is available in 10 designated hospitals in Korea where the doctors have great technique and much experience.

Become gorgeous in 5 minutes with just topical anesthesia!

Artecoll is injected after anesthetic ointment like other filler injections. It is performed within 5 minutes with a simple shot injection, and the difference in appearance is visible right away.

Tip for maintaining volume for more than 10 years

Inject for the 2nd time within 2-3 weeks to maintain volume for more than 10 years.