Spend RM2,000 & get additional RM500 or Spend RM5,000 & get additional RM1,500* of Your Choice

Have you always wanted to pamper yourself? If yes, you can do so now, as Wonjin Aesthetics Centre (WAC) is now offering Spend RM2,000 & get additional RM500 or Spend RM5,000 & get additional RM1,500* of your choice. You may read more about the ANNIVERSARY PROMO below:

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*Terms and Conditions:

  • This MALAYSIA DAY Promotion is valid until 31st December 2017.
  • Valid for aesthetics procedure in Malaysia. Not applicable for procedure in Korea.
  • Promotion is valid for WAC/WC New Existing customers.
  • WAC/WC reserves the right to change any terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • In the event of any cancellation, all monies are not refundable. All advance payments will be converted to deposits for future surgeries and treatments.

*Resatylane (FILLER)

Resylane, a substance identical to the body’s internal substance, is the first injection to have been approved by the FDA. It is used for reducing wrinkles, elevating the nose, expanding the lips, correcting sunken areas of the face, correcting body figure, and improving wrinkles and volume. Restylane at WONJIN is used for anti aging effects.


*Juvederm (FILLER)

Our skin ages through time, and the natural volume of the skin begins to decrease so that wrinkles appear and certain areas get depressed. The filler Juvederm reverses these effects and provides anti aging effects.

Juvederm received approval from the FDA proven to have effects lasting 12 months after 1 procedure. Identical to the body’s internal substance, hyaluronic acid is used to remove wrinkles and fill volume. It is a type of gel that absorbs throughout the body which helps with not only wrinkles but also elasticity and moist skin.



WONJIN uses the original and best quality Botox

Botox weakens the advanced masticatory muscle, alleviates wrinkles around the eyes and also forehead wrinkles

Duration that lasts 6-9 months

Difficult to see effects right after procedure, you should wait 2-3 weeks to feel the effects

Most effect results can be seen after 3-9 months



*What is V-Lift

This face lift surgery uses special medical thread that has 2-3 times more wrapping than regular thread. It is inserted into the skin layer and pulls the wrinkles tight, resulting in a semi permanent effect.

In addition to skin regeneration from collagen synthesis, cosmetic surgery facelift helps the skin tone improve and provide anti aging effects. Facelifts at WONJIN provide anti aging effects and a v line face lift.


*What is Wonjin’s 3D Tight Lifting

3D Tight Lifting is the most advanced mesh lifting, able to lift the skin tissues in 360 degrees with cylindrical type of thread and able to achieve the result right after the procedure.


*Acne & Pores

Acne is the infection caused by stacked sebum inside the pores. Excessive secretion of sebum in blocked pores will lead to infection and that is called acne. It is usually formed on sebaceous gland areas such as face, neck, and chest.

Treatment method differs depending on the levels of the acne condition. Beginning level is the acne creation without infection and severe level is the purulent acne which is the bacterial infection acne with pus and pain. It is better to get the treatment by the dermatologist to prevent scar and deterioration than touching to squeeze it by one’s self.


*Acne Scar

The biggest problem with acne is the scar. If the scar treatment is being delayed, it may cause damage to skin tissue due to bacterial infection. Usually the acne scar looks like dug hole on face which can be divided into 3 types.



Pigmentation is a condition where skin color is darkened due to melanin activation. We can also refer to melasma and freckles as pigmentation but it is more common on areas such as armpit, groin, knee, and elbow.

Treatments that effectively destroy the melanine or removing accumulated dead skin cells will improve the pigmentation with whitening effect. However, one time treatment is not enough and depending on the depth of the pigmentation, several sessions of the treatment is required for the better result.


*Scar/Stretch Mark

Scars are left after a wound or after surgery. These scars are treated by scar removal treatments, but they will never be able to be erased completely. So, the correct procedural name should be scar improvement rather than scar removal.

Stretch mark occurs when the epidermal layer becomes thin and the collagen and elastin gets damaged, which appears like a line on skin surface. As the time goes by, the red stretch mark turns into white stretch mark. It is very difficult to remove the white stretch mark completely, so it is very important to get a treatment at the beginning stage.


*Dark Circle

Dark circle is under eye darkening symptom due to combined reasons. The cause of dark circle can be various including genetic reason, irregular life cycle, cleansing problem, and/or fatigue. It may make you look always tired and old, so treatment is recommended if you are stressed with it.